Cylinder Reboring & Resleeving

Cylinder reboring & resleeving for 2 & 4 stroke motorcycles, snowmobiles, PWC, ATV’s and marine blocks. Using the latest in technology for cylinder reboring to ensure accuracy and repeatably. Bring your old cylinder back to new condition with a new cylinder sleeve or by repairing damaged or cracked cylinders. We can supply sleeves, pistons and any related gaskets to complete a top end engine rebuild job.

Cylinder Reboring & Resleeving Services

  • Two Stroke Cylinder Rebore $100.95
  • Four Stroke Cylinder Rebore $94.95
  • Two Stroke Cylinder Resleeve $250.00
  • Four Stroke Cylinder Resleeve $160.00
  • Big Bore Reboring 1mm + $119.95
  • Marine Block Reboring Blind Hole $119.95
    • Two or more Blind Hole Rebores $105.95
  • 40mm or Smaller ReboreĀ $119.95
  • Remachine Cylinder Surface $49.95

*Prices subject to change.